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I am currently a Teacher-Librarian in Aurora, Ontario Canada, and author of the book, Social LEADia, published by Dave Burgess Consulting. Before this, I spent six years at the District level as a Program Resource Teacher for Literacy and Literacy Consultant, respectively.

In my district-level role, I have had the honour of working with teachers from Kindergarten to grade twelve in practically every subject area to integrate technology in the classroom, to support literacy, assessment and differentiation, and to promote twenty-first century competencies.  I have also had the privilege to write curriculum for the Ministry of Education of Ontario’s 21st Century Learning office as well as the Catholic Curriculum Corporation.

I am a life-long learner currently studying at the University of Ontario, Institute of Technology with a focus on social media in education and Digital Citizenship.

I am a wife and mom of two teens. Wearing my parent hat, I have been the co-chair as well as an active member of Parent Council for over a decade, bringing parent and school communities together for a variety of issues. I have also worked closely with the Bully-Free Alliance of York Region with whom I initiated a panel discussion, “Fears, Cheers, and Unclears: Parenting in a Connected World.” I am also an Associate for the Digital Citizenship Institute.

I am passionate about bringing student voice into conversations around technology integration and is excited to be releasing a book, Social LEADia, about moving students from Digital Citizenship to Digital Leadership.

I love learning and connecting with other educators from across the globe, and am passionate about connecting students to each other and to the world. Technology has the potential to transform learning in ways we can only have imagined when we were in school! With awesome power, comes awesome responsibility too!  I believe we need to think critically about issues of equity, access, privacy, and safety.

Here’s a link to an interview Doug Peterson conducted with some other information about me. It was an honour to be interviewed by him!

You can find me on Twitter: @JCasaTodd and on Google +: Jennifer Casa-Todd

Have a question? Please email me at jencasatodd@gmail.com


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  1. Mum

    Jen I read every word so proud of you and all of your hard work ! Thanks for sharing all of this cutting edge ideas . My how teaching (and life in general ) has changed ! I was so fortunate to have “fallen ” into a profession that I really loved , like you and Stew obviously do !! Great job !


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