Random Acts of Kindness Week

Kindness is my #oneword (well technically one of my two) for 2018 and today marks the beginning of Random Acts of Kindness Week.   I am not a fan of isolating one day or one week to engage in what should be a daily practice. Nonetheless, it does provide a good impetus to begin.

As this week begins, however, let’s not just limit our acts of kindness to in-person (though these are extremely important).  Every day, we have opportunities  both online and in person to make someone’s day brighter.

Wouldn’t it be amazing to see positivity and kindness take over the internet??

Ideas for RAK Week and beyond

  • Tell your students that every day you will, as a class, connect with someone to let them know they are special by sending them a direct message or a tweet or an email or a post-it note
  • Have students write their name in fancy letters on a sheet of cardstock and pass it around for students to write positive adjectives on it
  • Do an extra special clean up of your desk or area so that your mom, dad, guardian, or the caretaker at school doesn’t have to do it
  • Send someone a GIF that will brighten their day
  • Bake a batch of cookies and surprise someone with it
  • Leave $2 for the next senior citizen in line at a coffee shop to get a free coffee
  • Send someone a special note on one of your social media platforms
  • Invite someone who is sitting alone to come and sit with you
  • Go out of your way to say hello and smile to every person you meet for a day
  • Check out the tweets by the students in Rachel Murat’s class by searching the hashtag #positivelykind


  • Check out the RAK website for ideas and inspiration
  • Check out the PSA these kids created:

Check out our #RAKWeek2018 PSA!! Teamed up with my heroes @lauriesmcintosh @MrsMacsKinders & @bmilla84 & their Ss to challenge YOU & your Ss to spread KINDNESS next week! Be sure to share w/ us @ #thekindclub & #bekindEDU! https://t.co/1WzENubSMA#kidsdeserveit #tlap #engagechat pic.twitter.com/4HVonxa1Ho

— Roman Nowak (@NowakRo) February 10, 2018

  • How about making kindness go viral? Check out this Kindness passion project created by Tamara Letter (She is all about kindness and depending on when you are reading this, will be moderating #tlap chat Monday night focusing on this topic)
  • A video which really emphasizes the simplicity of spreading kindness is, Color Your World with Kindness, which shows how small actions can have a powerful impact
  • Check out my ideas from a previous post, Creating a Culture of Kindness

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What will you do?

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