Student Leadership

Everywhere I look at my school, I see students taking on leadership roles: whether it be in the classroom or for clubs and committees. We are cheerleaders for our students; we give them guidance and then wait in the fold to support them if it’s needed.

So often, however, we forget to include leadership opportunities in online spaces. I don’t know if it’s because we just don’t think of it or if we don’t see a natural fit with leadership or perhaps it’s fear or discomfort?

This is why I am so proud to be a co-organizer for the Ontario Ed Student Chat (@ONEDSschat) with Leigh Cassell (she’s really the best project manager ever), Brock Baker, Allison Fuisz, and Nicole Kaufman along with students Rylin, Sam, Ella, Nigel, Austin, Emiliano, Lindsay, and special monthly guests.

Every month, I am inspired by our student panel. They create the questions and the graphics, they share the message, and they decide on the topics. Our role is advisory.

January’s topic was certainly close to my heart as it was student leadership. One of the comments, really resonated with me: Leadership isn’t always about the “Big” things, but the way we act on a daily basis! via (a student at my school). There was also a great conversation in the chat about how technology often lets our quieter students have a voice.

Classes are encouraged to use the Youtube chat feature (YES–imagine that!), as well as Twitter to join in on the conversations. Here are a couple of my favourite moments from this month’s chat. In many cases, students are composing their responses which get shared to a class account because they are under 13.

Check out information the January Tweet & Talk as well as info for our February chat where we talk about Human Rights of Children.

In Social LEADia, I showcase and celebrate students who are leveraging social media in strategic and positive ways and who are leading in their in-person communities as well as online. Every day I continue to see teachers not just taking pictures to showcase the learning in their classrooms, but inviting students to be a part of it. And I continue to learn about student leaders who are making the world a better place today! A twitter chat such as #ONEDSschat is but one way we can show students the power of connecting with others. 


How are you empowering your students to lead online and face to face?  Who are some inspirational students who inspire you and your students? Please share!

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